Brain injury lawyers

How to find serious brain injury lawyers

Every client who has suffered a brain injury will present a case that is unique in its complexity and challenges. Our brain injury lawyers understand the devastating impact that suffering a serious brain injury will have on you and your family and recognise that suffering such an injury will have far-reaching implications for your future, both financial and practical. Some of our clients have chosen to tell their stories, either in a video or in a case report, and we hope that you will get a sense of how committed we are to supporting you and your family, and in achieving the best outcome possible for you.

Suffering from a head or brain injury can lead to life changing circumstances and can pose significant short and long-term risks to your health. Knowledge and expertise in this field is paramount when building a robust case for a head or brain injury compensation claim. We are corporate members of Headway, the brain injury association, demonstrating our commitement to those who have suffered a brain injury.

brain and head injury lawyers

Christopher Livingston, Jason Brady andTerry Clark are specialists in the field of brain and head injury compensation claims.

Between them they have over 45 years experience and have achieved individual case awards of up to £2.9 million. They are all members, litigators and senior litigators approved by the Association of Personal brain Injury Lawyers.

The experienced New York trial attorneys at De Caro & Kaplen, LLP handle cases of brain injury and other personal injury caused by automobile accidents, truck accidents, construction site accidents, accidents caused by negligent landlords and property owners and medical malpractice on the part of doctors, hospitals and nursing homes.

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